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Compaq Prolinea (Model 4/33S)

Compaq Prolinea 4/33S 1   Compaq Prolinea 4/33S 2

Compaq Prolinea 4/33S 3

Compaq Prolinea 4/33S 4


Spécifications techniques

Constructeur Compaq (Etats-Unis)
Microprocesseur 33 MHz 486SX
50 MHz 486DX2
66 MHz 486DX2
Mémoire vive (RAM)
4 MB of RAM expandable to 64 MB
8 MB of RAM available only on 525 MB hard drive models
Mémoire morte (ROM) 640 Ko
Capacités graphiques

Resolutions:--1024 x 768--800 x 600--640 x 480--all standard VGA's

Local Bus Graphics with 1 MB of VRAM providing 1024 X 768 resolution in 256 colors

Capacités sonores Beeper
Clavier Compaq standard
Interfaces Serial, Parallel, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, and Video pass-through (internal). Five 16-bit ISA expansion slots and Two internal 3.5 inches and three accessible 5.25 inches drive baysCache upgrade board (option)

Diskette Drives:-3.5in (1.44 MB)-5.25 inches (1.2 MB/Option)
Hard Drives-- 200 MB--270 MB--340 MB--525 MB.

Integrated Token Ring or Ethernet interface controller.

Logiciels Windows 95, Windows NT.
Dimensions 16"Wide x 15.5"Deep x 4"High
Mise en vente 1993
Prix 1625$



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Scien et Vie Micro :

Compaq Prolinea 4/33s (SVM118)   Compaq Prolinea 4/25 (SVM104)

Compaq Prolinea 4/25 (SVM108)

Byte :

Compaq Prolinea (BYTE VOL17 N7) 1-2Compaq Prolinea (BYTE VOL17 N7) 2-2

PC Mag :

Compaq Prolinea (PC MAG 07-1992) 1-2Compaq Prolinea (PC MAG 07-1992) 2-2

Publicité :

Publicité Compaq Prolinea (BYTE VOL16 N1) 1-2

Publicité Compaq Prolinea (BYTE VOL17 N8) 1-2Publicité Compaq Prolinea (BYTE VOL17 N8) 2-2

Publicité Compaq Prolinea (INFOWORLD 21-03-1994) 1-2Publicité Compaq Prolinea (INFOWORLD 21-03-1994) 2-2   Publicité Compaq Prolinea (PC MAG 07-12-1993)   Publicité Compaq Prolinea (PC MAG 28-06-1994)

Publicité Compaq Prolinea   Publicité Compaq Prolinea (PC MAG 13-04-1993)   Publicité Compaq Prolinea 4/33S (PC DIRECT 10-1994)

Publicité Compaq Prolinea (INFOWORLD) 1-3Publicité Compaq Prolinea (INFOWORLD) 2-3Publicité Compaq Prolinea (INFOWORLD) 3-3 Publicité Compaq Prolinea (INFOWORLD88) 1-2Publicité Compaq Prolinea (INFOWORLD88) 2-2


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