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Spécifications techniques

Constructeur Toshiba (Japon)
Microprocesseur Intel 80286 CPU 12 or 16 Mhz clock speed, switchable.
Mémoire vive (RAM) Standard 1 MB (1024 KB) RAM, Maximum 5 MB on the motherboard.
Mémoire morte (ROM) 640 Kb
Affichage texte 640x400 (mode "Olivetti" CGA étendu) Plasma
Capacités graphiques CGA
Capacités sonores Beeper
Clavier 82 key + numeric keypad
Interfaces 1 floppy 1.44Mo, 1 disque dur 20 puis 30 Mo (MS-DOS 3.3), Centronics parallel port /5.25 external diskette drive, Two RS-232C serial ports, RGB colour monitor port, numeric keypad port
Périphériques Half-size 8-bit slot or Toshiba 16-bit slot, Socket for 80287 maths coprocessor.
Logiciels MS-DOS 4.01, MS-DOS 3.3 (option), OS/2 1.1 (option).
Dimensions 310x360x80 mm (WxDxH)
Poids 5.9 Kg
Mise en vente 1989
Prix 28950 Francs



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1. David 16/07/2018

This is so freaking cool, all the original promotional stuff... I just got a T3100SX and waiting for the power supply... I can't wait to power it on and see how it goes!

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