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Game & Watch: Climber

Game & Watch : Climber 1988 (DR-106)

  Game & Watch - Climber (DR-106) 1

Game & Watch - Climber (DR-106) 2

Game & Watch - Climber (DR-106) 3


Spécifications techniques

Fabriquant : Nintendo

Modèle : DR-106 (56ème Game & Watch de Nintendo)

Nom : Climber

Date de fabrication : 8 mars 1988 (new widescreen), 19 novembre 1986 (crystal screen).

Production :  250000 unitées

Contenu de la boite : Manuel, polystyrène, sac plastique, feuille d'avertissement, autocollants piles.

Alimentation : 2 piles LR44 ou SR44 1.5 Volts (Originales de marque Maxell)

Contrôles : Croix (Haut, Bas, Gauche, Droite), Jump

Autres boutons : Game, Time, Alarm, ACL

Dimensions appareil : 112 x 67 x 12mm (L x W x H)

Dimensions écran LCD : 54 x 36mm

Poids : 63 grammes


Description :

You control Climber, who is trying to get to the top of a 25 step fortress. 
He has been given special boots that make him jump high and also an armour to break the ceilings. 
Each time you make a climb the number of steps reduces and once you clear the phase, you move on to the next phase. 
On the way up you have to watch out for Blockman, who is trying to stop you (He also builds floors) and Eyerom,
a bird like creature.
Also watch out for thorny plants. After every 5 phases, a monster will appear at the top of the fortress.
While the monster is randomly moving up and down. Your object is to stab the monster.

When Climber goes up a step, 1 point is added. When he jumps and is caught by the bonus bird, 20 points are added. When a monster is defeated, 30 points are added.

When the Climber bumps into Blockman, hits Eyerom during jump or falls off the floor, one miss is scored. Climber will also drop 7 floors, where he has to start from there. Three misses and the game ends.

Maximum score is 999 and a maximum number of phases is 99.If you reach 300 points, a fanfare sounds and all misses are erased.


Versions :

Version "Super Wide Screen" :

Climber dr 106 super wide screen

Version "Crystal Screen" :

Climber dr 106 crystal screen

Version Magasin :

Climber shop 1

Climber shop 3



Wikipedia :

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