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Game & Watch Multi-Screen Commercial [1982]

By the summer of 1982, Nintendo released a new innovation in their Game & Watch handheld line - the Multi-Screen series. The concept was to allow more complex games by using two LCD screens instead of one. The clamshell design also protected both screens from scratches, something the older Wide Screen models didn't offer.

The first two games were Oil Panic - an original game - and Donkey Kong, of course a conversion of the popular arcade game of the same name. The Donkey Kong Game & Watch is of major historical significance as it was the very first videogame to ever feature a cross-shaped d-pad - a design that would later be used in the Famicom and then duplicated on virtually every game console then 1983 through present day systems and handhelds. Also, the design of the Multi-Screen Game & Watch series would also greatly influence the design of the DS and 3DS line of modern day handhelds.

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