IBM Personal System 2 (19xx) (IBM) - PlayStation 2 TV Commercial PS2 - The PlayStation 2 Advertising Archive Project This project is an attempt to collect and catalog every commercial for the PlayStation 2 Video Game Console. Code Directory: [a1]-[[a7] = Alternate versions of a similar commercial. [De] = Germany [Es] = Espanol [Eu] = Europe [Fr] = France [Jp] = Japann (19xx)(20xx) = Unknown Year of Release Acclaim Atari Bam! Entertainment Bandai Capcom Climax Entertainment Disney Interactive EA Games Eidos Interactive Enterbrain From Software Hudson Soft IBM Idea Factory Irem Koei Konami Metro Midway Namco Rockstar Games SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment of America) Sega SNK Playmore Sony Square-Enix Squaresoft Sun Soft Taito Tecmo THQ"

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